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Admission Information

On admission a Registered Nurse will need to gather all the necessary information pertaining to your admission. You will be asked to read and sign the Clients Rights and Responsibilities sheet. This is your consent to allow the nurses to visit and render care in your home.

You will also be asked to sign a treatment plan or clinical pathway; this will detail the exact type of care you are to receive. You will be provided with a frequency of visits card, so you know the exact days you will be seen.

A set of Client notes will be left at your home. It is very important that these notes are kept in a safe and familiar location so the nurses have access to them at their visit. These notes are legal medical documentation and remain the property of TNS. They are not to be accessed by family members, friends, etc and they are never to be sent with ambulances, to hospital, to doctors etc. The notes must remain in your home and ONLY the Nurses of Nursing Port Stephens are to write in them at any time.

At your admission the nurses will assess and can assist if you require further referrals to other services ie: Meals on wheels / Diabetic Educator / Occupational Therapist / Vital Call etc.

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