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Home Care Packages.

Aged Home Care Packages Explained…


Care For You At Home are committed to assisting our clients with living their life to the fullest with the right amount of services.  We offer one of the lowest service fees throughout the Port Stephens and surrounding areas. We also offer one of the best care teams in the region!

3 Easy Steps To Apply For Home Care

In 2017 the government launched a new model of aged care: consumer choice.

Step 1

Seniors who want to stay at home can access a range of support services and clinical care. You can contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or go online to to book an ACAT assessment or alternatively talk to your doctor about arranging an assessment.

Step 2

My Aged Care will send you a letter to tell you that you have been assigned a home care package. You will have 56 days to enter into an agreement with a provider.

Step 3

Contact our client manager and discuss how we can assist you with the services you would like to receive from your package.

Time Tip

Complete your income tested fee assessment when you book your ACAT.

Contact our Client Services Team to organise a meeting to discuss your requirements on 4981 4404 or complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Services may include:

 Designated Case Manager Registered Nurse Care
 Personal Care Respite
 Domestic assistance
 Home and garden maintenance


How can we help you to maintain your independence?

Care for you at Home is a private Nursing Service that aims to provide competent professional care to consumers in the home and community.

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    Clinical Nursing Care.

    Personal Care.

    Respite Care.

    Domestic Assistance.

    Disability Care.

    Home Maintenance.