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About Us.

As co-owner and Managing Director, Meagan Harding is justifiably proud of the success of Care For You At Home.

As Meagan says

“Nursing is not just following protocols and procedures, it is an unquantifiable ability. The ability to care for another human being as you would have them care for you or a family member. This is something that cannot be taught but rather comes naturally.”

The staff at Care For You At Home carry this unique quality and many more.

We are committed to helping people stay in their own home to live as happily, safely and normally as they can.

Care For You At Home is a trusted, private Nursing Service that aims to provide competent professional care to clients in their homes and the wider community. The majority of our clients are aged Veterans however we also service clients throughout Port Stephens, Newcastle, Maitland, Dungog and Mid North Coast areas. 

We offer a range of services from personal care, wound care, respite services, disability care, domestic and home maintenance.

Care For You At Home is very proud to have attained ISO: 9001-2016 accreditation for the provision of nurses and allied healthcare staff for community based care services and for the allocation of casual staff to healthcare facilities in 2008.

We service areas in: 

  Port Stephens




  Mid North Coast

Our Vision

To provide the best nursing and community care possible which meets the needs of each consumer, carer and family within our community, in an organised timely manner.

To provide the best possible health outcomes for the community.

Our H.E.A.R.T. model is at the heart of all we do…







Being truthful and demonstrating integrity above reproach; and maintaining open, honest, clear and effective communication.


Care For You At Home employees have pride in their work and perform to the best of their abilities. Care For You At Home is committed to providing employees with resources and support needed to excel in their roles, while promoting longer term career development opportunities.


Care For You At Home expect all our employees to accept responsibility for their actions and the quality of their work. This includes upholding and reinforcing our core values.


Care For You At Home has a genuine regard for others and showing consideration for the diversity of others to foster an environment of teamwork, professionalism and excellence.


Care For You At Home recognise that our goals can only be achieved through the collaborative efforts, empowerment and flexibility of our employees. Teamwork is a very important element of mutual respect, trust and having fun at work.

Our Values.

The agreed values of the Director, management and staff used as:

  The basis of individual, team and organisational behaviours.

  A guide for staff when they are delivering services.

  A framework for staff when they are managing and administering services.

  A platform against which the Director’s, management and staff                 decisions and behaviours can be evaluated.

Our Commitment.

Care For You At Home is committed to individuals and families through:

  Enhancing individual’s quality of life.

  Promoting consumer care choices.

  Proactively working with consumers and families.

  Providing professional service delivery through dedicated and committed staff.

Standards Compliance.

At Care For You At Home it is of upmost importance that we provide quality care and that we exceed the standards and guidelines (Home Care Package Guidelines and Disability Services Standards) set by the government that provides the funding for your services.

These standards and guidelines are upheld in our policies and procedures and our practice. To ensure that we have performed our tasks, we monitor services regularly, so that you’re satisfied with the services we provide. This is monitored through our annual consumer satisfaction surveys and service reviews.